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Index to papers in the Proceedings of the Somersetshire archaeological and natural history society on monumental effigies of Somerset

Harry and Catherine

Report of the Council.

principle of individuality and value.

The Free church movement in England

Development of female medfly attractant systems for trapping and sterility assessment

Seven wonders of Ancient Asia

Evergreen Sixth Edition And American Heritage Concise Dictionary

Foreign Policy of Czechoslovakia 1918-1935

Rapid City in retrospect

Spectral evolution of galaxies

By the Angel, Islington


New Years address of the carriers of the Montreal Transcript to their patrons

Water-quality data for Doughty Springs, Delta County, Colorado, 1903-1994, with emphasis on sulfur redox species

Something on my own

À la California.

GIS in hospital and healthcare emergency management

Margarets Story

Monthly reports, 1898.

Econometric model electricity sales forecast for the Northwest Region, 1981-1999.

Haṭhatatvakaumudī =

Fertility and Family Life in an Indian Village (Michigan Papers on South and Southeast Asia)

The present state of music in France and Italy


Homelessness in America

Med Termlgy IG


Feminist literature : a Gale critical companion.

Spring garden foods

CFC reduction--technology transfer to the developing world

Telecommunications for the I. B. M. Personal Computer Junior

To Hear Celestial Harmonies

String problems, players & paucity

Canyon Hiking

Engineering drawing problems

Oranges from Spain

Pig tales

Health services in Britain.

Proceedings of the Topical Meeting on Nuclear Waste Isolation in the Unsaturated Zone

U. S. commemorative coins and stamps

Consultation paper

Radio wave propagation and the ionosphere.

value of long-term monitoring in the development of ground-water-flow models

A caricature of Marxism and imperialist economism

Leaphorn mysteries

Trends in birth rates in the United States since 1870

Violence in Film and TV

Social aspects of early Christianity

Salvation, social crisis and the human condition

Local environmental factors affecting ice formation in Terrington Basin, Labrador

Magnetic Dichroism in Core-Level Photoemission

Start Smart Skill Drills Workbook

Muskoka and Haliburton, 1615-1875.

Debtor and Creditory Relations (Wests Legal Forms, Revised Second Edition)

Young people and health

life of Alfred the Great


curriculum in health and physical education.

Comet Kohoutek

Contracts and conveyances of real property

Economics of post-war India.


The Virginia state constitution

The prodigal son.

[Letter to] My dear Deborah

Solid waste discussion paper

Finnish constructivism

Days of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust

Old Glory

Interim report of the North Carolina Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Committee to the Supreme Court of North Carolina and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

National arithmetic

Sale, Charter, and Operation of Vessels.

critical history of childrens literature

Report on accidents and fatalities in Ontario mines

Selected mathematical papers of Salomon Bochner.

A treatise of testaments and last wills

Defense restructuring costs

Farming erodable lands in West Pakistan

Nikos Kazantzakis and his Odyssey

Michael A. Smith

The big walls

Evangelicals and Jews in an age of pluralism

The rebellion

widow bewitched

Cleveland Stadium

Prayers and devout meditations

Electrical wiring and construction tables

analysis of the semileptonic decays of the neutral kaons

literary career of Richard Graves

Urban studies

Italia tra rivoluzioni e riforme